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Corrosioneering: Eine Mischung von kosteneffizientem Korrosionsschutz und Engineering


HeatBlocka has been developed to provide a cost-effective combination of thermal insulation and corrosion protection. The product is a durable coating intended for both new and old equipment.

Applications include use on items such as transfer lines, requiring insulation for process reasons, or for personnel protection to safeguard against accidental burns. Other applications include tankage insulation to prevent heat build up and evaporation losses or simply loss of energy. The product may also be used as an under-insulation corrosion barrier whilst adding to the insulating properties.

Some insulation systems currently on the market provide insulation but relatively poor corrosion protection properties, whereas pure insulation materials such as fibreglass cladding solutions require additional corrosion protection under the insulation. HeatBlocka provides an excellent alternative or addition.

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HeatBlocka A two pack cold cured high build insulating coating. Download datasheet for HeatBlocka Email us about HeatBlocka