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Corrosioneering: Eine Mischung von kosteneffizientem Korrosionsschutz und Engineering


Friction-reducing, energy-efficient protective coating systems

Increased concern relating to the more effective use of energy resources has resulted in the introduction of new technology in coating materials. This is aimed at maximising the performance of pumping systems used in areas including power generation cooling water systems, the process industries and water and waste treatment.

Coating specialists Corrocoat were pioneers in this field of research. The Fluiglide system – first introduced in 1985 – has now been applied to literally thousands of pumps worldwide, achieving in every case significant improvements in efficiency. The performance of the process has been the subject of extensive test procedures, including evaluation by major manufacturers, utilities and industrial users.

Fluiglide materials offer dual benefits. The system not only achieves notable increases in overall efficiency levels, but also provides an effective corrosion barrier, preventing early fall-off in performance due to nodular growth and surface corrosion.

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Fluiglide A cold cured, highly modified chemically resistant, two-pack resin system filled with stabilising enforcement to reduce cold flow characteristics. Download datasheet for Fluiglide Email us about Fluiglide
Fluiglide E A cold cured 100% solids epoxide, specially modified to give a low roughness amplitude with poor wet-out properties. Download datasheet for Fluiglide E Email us about Fluiglide E