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Corrosioneering: Eine Mischung von kosteneffizientem Korrosionsschutz und Engineering


High performance, abrasion-resistant protective coatings and surface-tolerant primers

The often-specified Plasmet range of protective coatings from Corrocoat brings together a
selection of durable materials formulated to provide high performance solutions
developed to meet the demands of differing operational environments.

The range includes specially engineered abrasion-resistant options, available in differing
grades, designed to meet abrasive operational challenges found in industry worldwide.

Product Description Datasheet Enquire
Corrothane AP1 A two-pack, solvent borne, isocyanate-free polyurethane/acrylic top coat. Download datasheet for Corrothane AP1 Email us about Corrothane AP1
Epoxy Injection Grout & Resin A two-pack cold cured epoxy injection material with high tensile strength. Download datasheet for Epoxy Injection Grout & Resin Email us about Epoxy Injection Grout & Resin
Galvcoat A single pack coating based on a synthetic polymer and containing barrier pigments. Download datasheet for Galvcoat Email us about Galvcoat
Genmend A polyamine cured general purpose two-pack epoxy putty. Download datasheet for Genmend Email us about Genmend
Plasmet AR3 A two-pack, solvent-free, polyamine cured epoxy, resistant to strong concentrations of sulphuric and other acids. Download datasheet for Plasmet AR3 Email us about Plasmet AR3
Plasmet AR3 Screed A hardwearing, slip-free, three-pack, solvent-free polyamine cured epoxy screed, resistant to strong concentrations of sulphuric and other acids. Download datasheet for Plasmet AR3 Screed Email us about Plasmet AR3 Screed
Plasmet ECP A high solids, low viscosity, two or three-pack epoxy primer with excellent adhesion to damp surfaces. Download datasheet for Plasmet ECP Email us about Plasmet ECP
Plasmet HTE A viscous, solvent-free, two or three-pack, amine cure epoxy containing both stainless steel flakes, glass flakes and silicon carbide. Download datasheet for Plasmet HTE Email us about Plasmet HTE
Plasmet Masonry Guard A liquid dispersion in mineral spirits Download datasheet for Plasmet Masonry Guard Email us about Plasmet Masonry Guard
Plasmet R A solventless chemically resistant two-pack epoxy repair and rebuilding compound. Download datasheet for Plasmet R Email us about Plasmet R
Plasmet SB1 A one-pack, solvent based, chlorinated rubber coating containing lamellar flake pigmentation. Download datasheet for Plasmet SB1 Email us about Plasmet SB1
Plasmet T A solvent free, two-pack smooth surfacing material with good chemical resistance. Download datasheet for Plasmet T Email us about Plasmet T
Plasmet WR A solvent-free, three-pack polyamine cured epoxy containing high levels of abrasion resistant filler. Download datasheet for Plasmet WR Email us about Plasmet WR
Plasmet ZE A polyamine cured, high solids, two-pack glass-filled epoxy with good gloss and chemical resistance. Download datasheet for Plasmet ZE Email us about Plasmet ZE
Plasmet ZF A surface tolerant two-pack epoxy coating compound incorporating a rust inhibitor and passivator, with MIO and glass flake for increased protection. Download datasheet for Plasmet ZF Email us about Plasmet ZF
Plasmet ZX A brush applied, polyamine cured, two-pack epoxy top coat with good gloss and chemical resistance. Download datasheet for Plasmet ZX Email us about Plasmet ZX